Looking for a rubber track?  Look no further...

So, you haven't called in to talk to a representative yet.  Not a big deal, we will attempt to answer all of your questions that you may or may not have ever had.  (That's what happens when you go to a website to get your info...you get information dump!)

Let me start by ensuring you that we don't care which rubber track you purchase from us, whether an original CAT OEM or a DuroForce replacement track or even a repair kit to fix the track you have, the key is that you get the solution that you need.  

For this Q&A, I will be speaking from the perspective of our DuroForce® rubber tracks.  So, let's get started...

Question 1:  What happened to your track?

If your track is slap worn out or broken in half...you need a new track.  BUT, if your track just has a few lugs inside that ripped off, you might be able to fix it.  So, if you think it is repairable...click these words to proceed to the => I'm Going To Try To Fix My Track <= section!  If not, read on...you can still read on, even if you are thinking about fixing your track...you'll end up in the same place eventually.

Question 2:  Do you even own a Caterpillar 247?

If not...get out of here!  Go back to the home page and start over!  If so, read on...

Question 3:  Were the tracks you are replacing under warranty?

We ask this because many people forget when or where they bought their tracks.  From time to time, we find someone that still has some remaining warranty.  If you are one of those select few, give them a call and try to get a resolution...good luck!  I say this for all of you that might have had a warranty claim with someone on something and it didn't go as you expected.  This happens much too often.  If you should be one of that minuscule number that have a problem with one of our products, you can expect the following:  Speed.  I'm sure that you were using your machine for no particular purpose with no money or job on the line and are in no hurry at all?  Well, I'll answer that for you, since you didn't call me.  NO!  We all know that getting back up and running is one of the most important things.  We have a streamlined warranty process that attempts to make it as simple as possible for you to get us the information we need and then for us to arrange shipment (free freight) of a replacement track (free of charge) for the first 15 months.  

Question 4:  What are your tracks made of?  I heard that they should contain Kevlar...

When ASV (that's who made your Caterpillar 247s undercarriage) made the original rubber tracks, they designed them without any steel content.  This provided flexability to maximize the performance of their unique undercarriage system.  The first tracks were made with Kevlar, it made the tracks bulletproof!  Kevlar was so strong, though, that it would not stretch at all and was prone to breaking.  DuroForce was the first aftermarket ASV rubber track on the market.  In true fashion, the DuroForce track was made exactly like the ASV track, Kevlar and all.  Independently, ASV and DuroForce® arrived at the same conclusion, Kevlar wasn't the answer.  Today's tracks are made with a more flexible poly-cord.  This allows debris to pass between the tracks and the rollers without breaking the track.  So, does your track contain Kevlar...?  It shouldn't...

Question 5:  What about the rubber?  I heard some tracks are made of recycled rubber.

Each of the DuroForce® rubber tracks is compounded with natural rubber combined with an additive pack to make it hold up in the harshest conditions.  (That was a very market-y statement)  It's hard to explain it any other way.  Most rubber track manufacturers have determined the right ingrediants to make a rubber track...rubber...carbon black...and other stuff (nobody that I know of uses recycled rubber...just b.s.).  If everyone knows all the ingrediants, why is their a difference?  What the great mystery?  Well, it is like baking a cake.  You and I both get the same ingrediants out on the counter, but neither of us has a recipe!  That is what happens when dealing with all aftermarket products.  They have to be reverse engineered.  Just the name of the game.  The DuroForce® track was no different, they just have been at it a lot longer than anyone else.  Their recipe is a lot more than a list of ingrediants, it now has the process that produces the best replacement track on the market (another very market-y statement).  The proof is in the pudding, or in this case...the process.  

ratuitous Photo of a Lot of Rubber To Make It Look Like We Own a Rubber Factory...or Trees...>

DuroForce Rubber Compound

Question 6:  What tread pattern do you have...does it matter?

We offer 3 different tread patterns, general purpose, smooth turf and aggressive, all of them are based on OEM tread patterns.  

OEM General Purpose Tread Pattern Design:

For Caterpillar Multi-Terrain Loaders the OEM tread pattern provides not only excellent traction for multiple applications but is also integral to the strength and flexibility of the Rubber Tracks. For this reason, DuroForce uses this identical tread pattern.

Tread Pattern

Smooth Turf Tread Pattern Design:

DuroForce now offers the first aftermarket smooth turf track for the ASV machines.  Don't worry, if you want to spend more, we still have the green track from ASV!

Aggressive Tread Pattern Design: