The ASV Track Trucks were first introduced in 1984 and are a legend in off road travel. Customization is the key to the Track Truck. If you own a 2800HPT Track Truck , then you know that yours is probably different than anyone elses. You may have yours equipped with a pick-up truck bed, flat bed, van or even setup as a fire fighter. Half Truck and Half Beast, these trucks are designed to take you where other vehicles only dreamed of going. The front half of the track truck is essentially a pick-up truck with bucket seats and a heated cab. The back half, however, is equipped with the ASV PosiTrack undercarriage. It is synchronized with the steering to vary the hydraulics during a turn by having the outside track move faster than the inside track. Whether in the snow or mud, you know the ASV 2800HPT Track Truck will get the job done. Look for all of your replacement parts including exclusive aftermarket rubber tracks and replacement wheels right here at Track Loader Parts.


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