The Takeuchi TS-80V-2 is not just a compact track loader with wheels, but instead was designed from the ground up as a skid steer loader. The machines share some of the time-proven powertrain, hydraulic and operator station components as their track loader counterparts but are purpose-designed as skid steer loaders for optimum balance and tipping load. The TS80V-2 skid steer features a 74hp Deutz TD2.9L4 engine that gives it the power and reliability that you would expect of a Takeuchi product. The Takeuchi TS 80V 2 features a vertical lift design and has an operating weight of 8,965 lbs. A tipping load of 6,010 lbs gives it an operating capacity of 3,005 lbs at 50%. These machines feature a 2-speed (optional) transmission with a ground speed up to 8.2 mph in low speed and 11 mph in high range. The TS-80V-2 offers more ground clearance (10.5 inches) than most other skid steer loaders in its class. The TS80V-2 also has a greater departure angle (24° degrees) that enables the units to push up on higher grades without bottoming out. Arm lifting force (6200 lbs) and breakout force (5920 lbs) are also higher than most other competitive models. This Takeuchi has a low flow auxiliary hydraulic system that produces 26 gpm @ 3,335 psi and a high flow option of 31 gpm @ 3,335 psi.

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