The ASV Scout ST-50 Tracked Utility Vehicle is designed to take you where other utility vehicles only dreamed of going. Equipped with a Perkins 50hp diesel engine, it has the power to get the work done. The ST50 comes equipped with the patented PosiTrack undercarriage featuring a 15" wide rubber track. If you are worried about getting stranded, the 30 gallon fuel tank should put your mind at ease for those long trips. Unlike the typical ASVconstruction piece of equipment, this machines is equipped with a steering wheel and separate forward and reverse pedals making it easy to handle. The key to the ASV ST 50 is its versatility. With options like an enclosed cab, hydraulically operated dump box, turf rubber tracks and a brush guard, this ASV can be made into your own personal work horse. The ST 50 even has a low flow auxiliary hydraulic system that produces 16.3 gpm @ 3,000 psi. Look for all of your replacement parts including exclusive aftermarket rubber tracks and replacement wheels right here at Track Loader Parts.


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